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Hello all

I took a break from posting so I could think. I was feeling a lot of things and it would have been too hard to pull out a single thread of those thoughts or feelings and post it here so I relaxed and tried to enjoy my evening.

Late last night I came upon a video (I will post it later because I believe the word should get out) about relationships and how our words helps shape our perception and how we ultimately feel about them.

I learned that classifying the end of my prior relationship as “broken up” was the wrong way to look at it? Why? Because everyone comes into our lives for a reason and a season. Some seasons last from a few months to a few years and some last the rest of our lives. However, when those relationships have come to an end its not because we have broken up because the term broken up means we are broken in some way because of it and we are not broken we are still whole as we were when the relationship started. Its just that now, that relationship has completed and its time has come to an end.

The video pointed out that its incorrect to assume that everyone that romantically comes into our life is meant to be the one. Some relationships happen to teach us to find our voice, restore our faith that love does exist, show us how to be treated right, or what behaviors we should never accept. Others teach us how flexible our boundaries are and where we should tight them up, or what to do when certain behaviors and signs come up and how to handle them next time, what we are willing to accept and should not, some teach us what our standards should be and how to love our self. Some relationships are designed to give us our children, landed status, etc. It was enlightening.

So I’m no longer going to say the ex and I “broke up”. Nope. That relationship is complete and now I’m ready to move on.

I feel better when I think of it that way.

Till next time folks! Ill post that video tonight in a separate post!

Talk to you all soon!