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I had a spider in my car!

(At time I wrote this post I was sitting in a parking lot waiting outside of a grocery store – Enjoy!).


There’s a white spider currently walking up the side of the passenger seat in my car. I know I’m not crazy. Its pretty big. If I try to usher it onto a my key strap (to kick it out of my car) it runs for dear life (and I scream for mine) but that doesn’t stop it from coming back and sitting in my car (like right now and I turn to the right and there it is staring at me). I think I’m brave for even trying considering I’m afraid of spiders!


I’m standing outside my car thinking about my hair and the possibility it will go on my sweater sitting on the back seat. I don’t want this spider to crawl into my hair out of curiosity and I, driving along have no idea its there. It seems to be afraid of me yet it won’t leave my car! I love my car too but damn! I just want it to go away! Help!!!!


My mom comes out the grocery store, found it and ushers it out. Wuss? Yea I know! But Bronze doesn’t do spiders and I tried as feeble as it was (I think my scream helped send it running now that I look back on it) to get it out on my own! Nope! Sorry! And yes I called her over to get it out and yes I waited outside the car (it was breezy out there but safe) while she “escorted it out” too. That’s what moms do, they are used to the gross stuff like this! I HATE bugs!! One day when I have a daughter I will do the same…I hope! Actually I’ll probably just get my husband to do it *smiles* lol

Either way Thank God Mr. Spider is out and here’s to hoping it never returns!!!! LoL

Cheers to that!

Night Dolls!