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Has anyone heard this song before by Adele? Its haunting and beautiful at the same time. Its also very close to what I felt at times during my previous relationship.

I set fire to the rain! And watched it burn as I threw us in the flames. I felt something die because I knew it was the last time…the last time

I first heard this song in January off youtube and it was exactly what I was feeling. I felt like I was caught in a nightmare of a rainstorm and everything around me was in ruins drenching and being washed away. I had no umbrella and the rain was just falling and falling and there was nothing I could do to get away from it. I felt like I was being beaten up. I think that’s the closest I can come to describing it. Some of the rain was my own tears and I was drowning in sorrow and abandonment. I vowed to not listen to it ever again but its a beautiful song and I hoped that someday I could listen to it and not feel hurt or pain.

That day finally came 3 weeks ago and for the first time I didn’t cry, feel sad, angry or any other negative emotion like I did the first time. Instead I listened and appreciated the song for what it was, a beautiful story.

So I sat in my car earlier and listened as it came on the radio and I felt excited to hear it because Adele’s voice is beautiful and she tells her story with such palpable emotion. It was a sign that the ties that bound me in that storm of sadness and sorrow no longer had any power of me. I don’t have to run away from a song. Its just a song!

The ex can’t have that power of me to make me alter my tastes in things I love just because he made decisions that were not in my best interest but rather his own. He is not the centre of my world and my choices don’t and should not not to mention cannot revolve around him.

I listened, and enjoyed the song than moved onto my next task… Chasing down that spider and escorting it out of my car (my next post will detail mr. spider)! After all, life goes on and I have better things to do with my time and focus!

Till net time folks!