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Hey Dolls!


Last night I went out to the club with my friend P and her two friends J and N. We sat on her balcony and drank vodka and sprite waiting for J to come so we could leave to the club/lounge for another male friend of P’s birthday! P made our drinks so strong! Half the glass was Vodka and the other was sprite. After 3 sips I was feeling a buzz lol. I opted out of the next round of shots and we all teetered down the street to the subway so we could make our way down King St. and to the club.

First of all, alcohol and heels never makes for a good combination, so P and I had locked arms and laughed, shared stories, and giggled down the 2 blocks to the subway at 10:30 pm  while the other 2 girls ahead of us did the same LOL. When we finally get to the subway, the stupid token machine takes our money and doesn’t give us a token. A nice Nigerian man passing by saw our dilemma and offered us the tokens for our $5. That was really nice of him and we all appreciated it a lot.

Fast forward 20 minutes later and we are walking down King St. and P is reading a text from the birthday boy that he has left the club to go somewhere else because his friends couldn’t get into the club. Annoying! My feet are beginning to hurt, P is hungry all of us have to pee and we still have 2 more blocks to go! LOL YAY! But at least we looked hot right??

P is a tall Amazonian 5’10 beauty with long brown hair and long legs. She looked hot in her grey skirt and red top. I wore a black and white high-waisted flowing skirt that came above my knees that had embroidered detail on the hem and a white tank top with black and white accessories. J and N looked hot in beige and grey. We looked super cute! So after a quick stop in Pizziaola to eat, pee and rest we made our way to the club where the birthday boy had already popped a few bottles. I recognized the bouncer  from the last time I went there for a birthday party with A, and flirted with him a bit lol. He came inside and bought us all drinks . The club was so good. The DJ was on fire and the crowd was really enjoying themselves, and yea the birthday boy was cute! I smiled at him but he is not my type. Maybe if I had flirted with him some more we could have found him later at his table because he had some really CUTE preppy looking boys there who ARE my type 🙂 Oh well. I had a lot of fun dancing and having a good time. Guys were not important but that didn’t mean I didn’t notice any of the cute ones.

We left and made our way to Yorkville to a bar and relaxed there. We were a tad bit over dressed considering it was a bar and everyone was in jeans, a tank or t-shirt. lol 3 guys nearby noticed us and smiled. I smiled back and eventually they came over and struck up a conversation with us. The frist guy who smiled at me had gone to the bathroom when his buddies made their way over so when he came back he looked extra salty at the fact that we were talking to his friends. Snooze you lose I guess! lol

In any case, I had an AMAZING TIME and I can’t wait to do it again soon.

Talk to you soon