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Loose lips sink ships??

How much do you tell your close girlfriends about your most private affairs?

I grew up listening to the older women say that you should never tell another woman intimate details of her sex life or relationship because it will just give her ammunition to maybe one day try out the many juicy things you told her about with your man. I mean, its not like we haven’t seen it happen on Soap Opera’s right? But is this true in real life?

Can you tell a girlfriend all your intimate details about you and your man and not worry that someday it will come back to haunt you? In university, I watched as two friends spiraled from a close relationship to bitter enemies after one confessed that she gave oral sex to a guy friend (who has a girlfriend) in the staircase at the university during pub night. The best friend got upset at her friend feeling neglected and let the cat out of the bag. The result was a bitch fight that lasted the entire semester and changed the social atmosphere forever. They never rekindled their friendship.

Another friend had her business told to everyone when she got into a fight with her bestfriend. Thats when we learned about abortions, sexcapades and whose man was the father of said aborted baby. It was ugly and it all happened when one bestfriend decided the best reveneg was to tell everyone what she knew about her scroned friendship.

Do you tell your best friend details about your relationship? Is this a phenomenon that only female best friends experience or have men experienced this with their bestfriends. Is there such a thing as too much information when you are sharing with your girlfriends?