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Hi everyone!

A few days ago, Brad Pitt decided to do a candid interview where he commented that life with his ex wife Jennifer Anniston was pathetic, and boring and life with Angelina had brought excitment. Now I am not a fan of Jennifer Anniston which is just my personal choice but I didn’t think years after the divorce was final and after he started a new life and family with Aneglina Jolie that it was appropriate for him to say bad things about Jen to the media. It came across catty and unjustifed and just plain unnecessary. He has moved on, Jennifer has moved on, leave it alone. He has the family he wants with the exciting woman he wants so why turn around and throw stones at your ex wife?

It made no sense. For years he held his “peace” and didn’t say one unkind word about her so why now? He tried back peddling when it hit the blogs and entertainment shows but it was too late. I used to like him a lot but now my respect for him has dropped a peg or two. No one know’s for certain what really happened in their marriage. It surely seemed from all accounts to be a union good on paper. Two good looking, successful people who are A-List celebrities get married and become the beautiful “IT” couple. For whatever reason, still not certain to us outsider’s, Brad was unhappy and their marriage dissolved. Maybe he cheated on her, or maybe he didn’t. Maybe they were already separated by the time Angelina came along. Again, who really knows. But at what point do you stop and just move on?

When is it time to stop “just saying” and leave that chapter behind? Are you a Jen Fan or a Angelina fan? What are your thoughts about Brad’s comments?

Talk to you all soon.