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Hello everyone!

Last night I watched Jersey Shore, my guilty pleasure show (I spent 2 hours reading beforehand so it felt good to indulge) because I wanted to see why Snookie was crying and running after Gianni in the previews. I figured it was something she did or said, and he was having a tantrum but they would be kissing and smushing by the end of the show. I was wrong…well partially wrong.

It hasn’t been a secret since snookie feel face first in the sand second season in Miami that she has a serious drinking problem and has no plans to do anything about it. She doesn’t know how to have fun without drinking herself into a stupor, lifting her skirt, showing her ku-ka (if that’s how you spell it) and falling down drunk on the pavement. Oh wait, is that Deena? At this point its hard to tell since they both have the same problem-drinking too much.

Maybe Jianni didn’t watch Jersey Shore before he made a commitment to Snookie aka Nicole. Maybe he was so love struck that he figured he could tolerate her brashness, farting, burping, swearing, fist pumping, lifting her skirt, get into a fight, say inappropriate overly sexual things and be generally obnoxious and rude and hope that some how it would all work out. I’m not sure. But when I watched Snookie drink all day, fall down drunk before dinner, make out with Deena (who just a mere hours earlier forgot her panties and razor and showed her vagina to the whole club as she dipped it low) than hook up with her last episode I got the distinct impression that Snookie wasn’t going to change her drinking, swearing, inappropriate ways anytime soon because she was fine with it.

Jianni seems to be very conservative, looking for a girl who says the right things at the right time and acts appropriate on the streets but a slut between the sheets. Dare I say, someone he can maybe someday call his guidette wife? Well, if that’s what he is looking for in Snookie he is going to have to wait for her to change her mind about her lifestyle and decide if acting like this is who she wants to be and if this is who she is and can be? It’s really up to her.

You see, when you decide you want to be with someone, you have to decide if that someone being the way they are fits you and your lifestyle and your core values. Your core personality – what makes you who you are, are important things to consider when choosing a mate.  If you are an affectionate type of person but your mate is not, can you live without someone holding your hand out in public, hugging you, kissing you or making any kind of tactile contact with you so long as you are with them? How would it make you feel to go to an outing and seeing other couples holding hands, hugging, sitting closely to one another, giving a supportive rub on the back and there you are with your significant other who would never dream of doing that to you? Can you live with that even if they may be great in other areas of your life?  

I have a friend, who thought she could but it didn’t work out that way for her. Eventually, she became resentful of her boyfriend not wanting to share a loving intimate moment with her. He didn’t want to hold her hand in public, kiss her or anything like that. His idea of affection was sex than when he was done the intimacy was done with it. Their relationship didn’t last. I like a man who knows how to dress for the occasion. It would bother me if we showed up to the christmas party and he was wearing jeans and runners and I was dressed for the occasion. It’s not a matter of being vain, but it shows a social awareness and a pride in how one carry’s themself. It would bother me if he made stupid jokes and said inappropriate things every time he opened his mouth. It would embarrass me and I wouldn’t like that. I wouldn’t stay with someone like that because they don’t fit in with me and the values I was raised with which are knowing that there is a time and a place for everything. I remember my father drilling that into our heads and cautioning us to recognize when its appropriate to say and do certain things. I want someone who recognizes those social cues and understands how to behave accordingly. Snookie does not recognize such social cues and even if she does she doesn’t care because this is how she chooses to live her life right now. She is young and she is still in that discovery phase where she decides what works for her personality and what doesn’t. Jianni knows what he wants out of a partner but has instead chosen someone who does not fit that ideal. I don’t believe Snookie ever hid who she was. I think she is who she is and by Jianni agreeing to date and ultimately fall in love with her he in essence sent the message that he accepts her just he way she is.

So it was interesting to see him storm off because she got drunk (surprise??!??) and lifted her skirt to show her kuka (again I ask ‘surprise’??!??) and give him the “come here and take this” look as she teetered on the edge of the couch. He felt embarassed and his ego was hurt which I get that because not only did he get a good look at Snookie’s Vagine (I love how that sounds lol), but so did every other man and woman in the club. I hardly know any guy be it the badest biker, or just your run of the mill bad boy who would be ok with that.Everyone else gets to see what he consider’s “his” which has now been cheapened to a skanky side-show for everyone to watch.

After his refusal to have “sex talk” on the phone with Snookie, to her not calling him when he thought she would among various other things which I am sure had been building for a while all culminated into him storming off to wander the streets of Italy and find his way back home. To her credit Jenny tried to find him but failed. She’s a good friend even though Snookie screamed and yelled for Jenny to leave her alone as she yelled out Jianni’s name in the streets. Embarassing. Ron found him and tried to convince him to go back and talk to Snookie which he rebuffed. No surprise there because he rebuffed Ronnie 2 episodes ago as well so I don’t understand why he thought he could try to succeed this time.

Finally everyone got back home and eventually so did Jianni, only to have him pack his bags and head out to a waiting taxi. Snookie, unaware of his departure laid crying in her bed meanwhile Jianni was already in the taxi and on his way to the airport. By the time she figured it out, the taxi had already pulled off and she stood in the streets once again crying and calling out his name. I felt sorry for her. She was genuinely heart-broken and drunk at the same time. Both combined turned her into a sad, masacara stained, dirty feet in the bed, ball of tears. Say what I want but she loves him a lot. I know what that is like. Your worst nightmare comes true and you are beside yourself with grief and no one can ease the pain in your heart. You literally feel like you are going to just die. I got flashbacks of myself bawling in my car on my lunch break that day faithful day back in January till I nearly threw up the 6 inch Italian sub I forced myself to eat just moments before. I couldn’t understand why this person that I loved so much was gone without a care for me and what I was going through even though he knew and just a month prior told me we would get through it. I couldn’t understand why he couldn’t call and ask me how I was doing. Instead, it was my cousin Robby calling me, checking up on me and shaking his head in disbelief as to why ‘he’ couldn’t call once to ask how I was. I appreciate Robby and the way he stepped up and was there for me the way he was.

I related to her pain. Next week’s preview shown Jenny calling Jianni asking him to come back while Snookie sat beside her sobbing. But in true Jersey Fashion Snookie finds herself in bed with Vinnie but not before Situation makes a “heartfelt” plea for Snookie to consider the idea that he would never hurt her.

Insert eye roll here!

Did anyone watch last night’s episode? If not, can you relate to what I just discussed here? I used to think that if I was smart enough I could “avoid” the trap of getting hurt badly. I stupidly thought that getting hurt was for the dumb and nieve. Well I was wrong “smart” people get hurt too. So much for the university degree and penchant for trying to observe and learn from other’s mistakes.  Well, I thought I found the one, who really turned out to be the one to break my heart and hurt me in the worst way.

What are your thoughts? I’d like to hear from you guys 🙂

Talk to you all soon!