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Today was a day of flirting.

I flirted with the cute Puerto Rican guy who stopped to ask me “directions” to a restaurant that was right in front of him. Then he proceeds to ask me if I am Dominican which I deny. I have been asked by a lot of people before which is cool. I am proud of my ethnicity and I have no problems denying being something I am not. LOL I thought to myself, “wow, what am I going to say when I finally become fluent in Spanish lol”.

D43 came in today, for God know’s what, talked with the business manager than left. He later sent me a text message complimenting me on how nice he thought I looked in pink. I said thank you and left it at that. Moving along….

Later on today, I had to go to head office and go to the filing room all the way in the basement  to get some files for the controller. No biggie. Problem is, the box I needed was about 3 shelves up and from a health and safety standpoint wouldn’t have been the wisest decision to try to climb the shelves in a skirt and heels so I went upstairs and looked for an “able bodied strong man” to do it for me. I found him in the form of a tall good-looking porter. I forget his name right now because I was lost in his pretty hazel eyes. So I put on my best damsel in distress and flirted it up while I asked him if he could come downstairs with me and take that “heavy box” down off the shelf for me. He obliged, even though he was just about to go on lunch. *smiles*

So he came with me, all the way down there, and in the dark filing room. I did note that he closed the door behind him even though he didn’t have to. *smiles*. And he took the heavy box down which turned out to actually be heavy and held it for me while I rummaged through it to find the file. So strong! Then he replaced it and walked back with me upstairs. We stopped briefly as he randomly shown me something that really didn’t need to be shown to me and then he explained it to me even though he really didn’t have to. I was flattered. He was cute and I enjoyed the interaction very much! lol

That concluded my day of flirting. I think the highlight was definitely the porter who graciously helping me with that box. He’s taller than me, sexy, nice eyes, nice body and great smile not to mention it was fun flirting a little bit with him. I could see him crumbling under my spell. LOL Kinda like I was glamouring him or something (if you’ve ever watched True Blood you will know what I mean by that).

I think I should have another day of flirting tomorrow 🙂 What do you think?

LOL Talk to you all later !!