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Its Tuesday and already I’m wondering when Friday will finally get here. Its feels like the day is just dragging on! I realize that being at home basically this past month for various reasons has contributed to feeking disconnected from everyone. I haven’t been to my usual get together’s and I miss meeting new people and most importantly the chance to interact with new and eligible bachelors! That’s most important.
I’m hoping to getting out this weekend and mix and mingle a little bit. Get out and meet other people and men and enjoy life. Lately, I’ve found myself also thinking about the winter months specifically around November and december when it all went downhill last year. I want to ideally meet and be dating someone by then. Is it to distract myself? Is it for a ego stroke that 1 year later I am now with someone else? What is it? I think its that I want someone because I am ready for that someone. And not just anyone either, I want someone who shares my values and someone who I can build something solid and healthy with.

Talk to you all later