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Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago, a facebook friend introduced me to this new product that contains human pheromones designed to make you more desireable to the opposite sex. According to her, one swipe of the product on her skin and she was suddenly attracting men and at the same time, more women were becoming agreeable towards her. She hailed the product a success and gave me the web site so that I could scout the product out for myself.

I went onto her site as directed and sure enough the product was there for a really low price of $20.00. Attractive price for an attractive promise right? I didn’t buy it but I did do some research on youtube and on google. The reviews on youtube were positive where you could find them. There was however, a lot of advertising for it though. So, I typed in “human pheromones” into google and came upon a site loaded with testimonials and product. Apparently, this site offers the most potent pheromones on the market. The testimonies were full of people who tried it and loved it. They ranged from skeptical surprise to satisfaction but confessing that once they stopped the desired effect went away. Some used it on, co-workers, stranger’s on the street, dates, current girlfriends or boyfriends and spouses.

So it got me thinking, is it fair to use these types of products to increase your desirability when your on the dating market? How about to rekindle the spark in your relationship or add more fireworks? A few posters claimed that after using these products it increased their wife’s desirability in sex and took them from sex a few times a month to almost every day. 

But are they really desiring you, or whats in that product? Do they like you for you? When they call you and tell you how much you have been on their mind and they can’t wait to see you later is it because your personality is so enigmatic or is it the product? The newfound attention, attraction, desirability, increase in dates, agreeability from your co workers and boss, is it really you or just a love spell?

What if someone was using this product unbeknownst to you and you found it one day, would you feel tricked? Would you break up with that person? What would you do? What if you were using it and it was found by your partner, how would you explain it?

Is it unfair, or just another tool to give you the edge over the competition?

What are your thoughts? Would you use it?

 In case you wanted to check out the link, here you go!