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Hello all

For those of us single ladies and gentleman who are on a journey from heartbreak to love and have are wondering how to snag the man and woman of our dreams this post is for you.

We all want someone to Love us and in turn we love them back but consider this, how do you show yourself the love that you want someone to give to you?
In other words, what are you doing to set the standard for the love you want?

How do you treat yourself?

Ladies, let’s start with us first. Do we do all the things we like? Do we treat ourselves to a mani/pedi? Even if it means doing it ourselves? Do you buy something nice for yourself every once and a while? Just something that you like? Do you exercise and workout? Do you get involved in activities and causes that you like? Basically do you treat yourself nicely?

Do you treat yourself with love? What are you doing for yourself? Do you go to the gym? Play sports or participate in activities that you like that makes you happy?

Its like the old saying: you can’t expect someone to love you if you don’t first love yourself. So how are you showing yourself how much you love you?

Till next time folks!