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I went to bed yesterday thinking about my day and, what happened and also what I wanted for the next day and I couldn’t help but reflect on Muscle. He continued to text me but opted to do so in Spanish. His mother tongue literally would be french. In any case I read his texts and then deleted his messages.
I thought that the old me would have given him a chance and seen his persistence as endearing and a sign he cared. Instead of what it really was, a game. I said no to his bad behaviour because I want better for myself and I told him that. Its pretty arrogant for him to assume that I would be waiting around for a month so he can swoop back into my life and pick up where he left off. If he disappears once he will disappear again and if I resume with him now it will show him that this behaviour is acceptable to me even if I tell him with my words that its not and its his last chance. Men respond better to actions because its easy to dismiss a womans words as coming from an emotional impractical place. I’ve heard so many men say it including some very arrogant men that I’ve come in contact with lately.

“Ahh, she’s says this now but I can make her do what I want eventually”

Ladies, we must stand up for ourselves and choose what is right for us. The only way to do that is to sit down and decide what your boundaries are. What kinds of filters will you use to sift the quality men from posers. Men will always show you what they are about, what they stand for and what type of man they are. Actions speak louder than words and are flags, good or bad that we should take note of and decide if this man is good for us or should be left alone.

What are your boundaries? What are your fears and do those fears dictate how you choose a man in your life? Whose voice is in your head when you make decisions? Yours? The ex’s? Your fears? Your mom? Your friends? Who makes your decisions for you and are you ready to make the right decisions for yourself? What are you doing now to prepare yourself emotionally and mentally so that you can make the right decisions in the future and are you taking the time to do that?

Talk to you all later