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Hello everyone.


What is with reality shows these days showing women in the worst light ever. This weekend I watched an episode of The Mob Wives and I was both confused and disgusted. The characters all have either husbands, or father’s who are mobsters. They stay at home and wait for these husbands to come home from prison and in the mean time, send them care packages of food and accept collect calls daily. Some of them have had their husbands locked up for almost their entire marriage, some from while they were pregnant. This is their life. Sitting and waiting for a phone call, sending care packages and raising their children on their own and waiting for their husbands to come home from prison.

I sat and watched about 4 episodes and a flurry of questions came to mind about their situations and why they were tolerating them. One wife named D’Rita has a tumultuous relationship with her husband. He’s been locked up since she was pregnant with her ten-year old. He briefly came out then went back in and has never met his 3-year-old because he was wife was pregnant with her when he was locked up for robbery. Now he refuses to confirm when he will come out again. She flew into a rage at his refusal. He responded by calling her every dirty name in the book including a whore, slut, having a dirty *****, everything. This was the woman who faithfully took his collect calls everyday and sent him care packages of whatever he wanted. Yet there he was calling her the type of names you’d call a hoe on the street. I was shocked but not so much. The evidence was in his tone of voice whenever he called her. There was no love or affection in his voice, just entitlement and arrogance. Yet, she calls and apologizes and decides to wait for him no matter how long it takes for him to “come home”.

I sat and wondered how many women were doing the same thing? Waiting for a man to “come home” and be with them, love them, care about them, and be the family they’ve always wanted. Yet al the signs were there showing them it wasn’t going to happen by their actions, their words, and blatant disregard for their feelings and love. I wondered how many women didn’t and don’t see that the love they think these men have is only when its convenient to them and serves their needs. When these women sit and wait on them hand and foot even though they are giving them nothing in the way of happiness and support it’s lowering the respect that they have for them because they can get away with giving a little to get a lot in return without ever having to earn any of the rewards.

These women are afraid to be alone, afraid to see their men for what they really are and what they are bringing into their life. They are in denial that they as well as the choice in men they made is now adversely affecting their children and lowering their quality of life both in the short and long-term. Their selfishness and taste for bad boys has now brought onto their lives the stress they are experiencing. The loneliness, the absent husband, as well as father, the financial pressures, the controversy, the rebellious behaviour in their children,  and the resentment. Everything. Yet, they not only hold on but they actively participate in the aggression, cattiness, enabling in their incarcerated men or ex felon ex husbands and ignore the obvious. 

If they loved themselves and put theirs and the love for their children first they wouldn’t have made the choice to be with the men they are now holding onto. The whole show is a train wreck and after watching the mother of all cat fights that I have ever seen on reality tv occur between Carla and Renee I’ve decided to not watch anymore episodes of this series. It’s like I am watching women that I know in my own life commit the same mistakes out of love for someone else, instead of making better decisions out of love for themselves and their children.

Have any of you watched this show? What are your thoughts? Do you know someone like this in real life?

Talk to you all later!