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Hi everyone.

Mr. Muscle text messaged me yesterday asking how my trip was. I was half asleep and I answered fine then went back to sleep. Today I thought about the conversation I had with him Saturday and his asking to see me this week. i thought about how he is not settled anywhere and really doesn’t have his stuff together. Things happen and I can understand that but I never really got the impression that he had his ish together completely especially when it came to his living situation. He needs to sort himself out and I don’t want to ride the roller coaster with him while he does. He and I are looking for different things and I don’t want to be a woman/momma to a young guy trying to sort himself out because my gut tells me that’s exactly whats going to happen.

Remember my post on how I vowed to follow my gut? Well, I can’t be a hypocrite to you guys but most importantly to myself if I know something has “troubled” written all over it but I still breeze past all red flags and floor the gas to “go”. So I called him and let him know that I don’t think it’s a good idea to proceed with getting to know each other, that too much time has passed and even though he attributes it to stuff happening I realize he needs to sort that all out on his own. I wished him well and told him goodbye.  When I called I got his answering machine so I left it as a message there. I would have preferred to talk to him specifically but it didn’t work out that way. So I closed the chapter on that and I plan to move on.

He is sexy and I do mean SEXY!!!!!! But, sexiness is not a good basis to determine the quality of a man and build a potentially viable relationship.


He called me and I let it go to voicemail and he left a message telling me he understands my positon and how his behaviour was percieved as red flags. He told me he was right about me and the fact that I saw his behaviour as red flag is a good thing and he wants to talk to me about it. I didn’t call him back. He sent me a long text urging me to call him. I replied that I felt pretty firm about my decision and that we should part ways from here. He sent me an angry text saying his phone realy did malfunction and he is genuinely interested in me for me.

I don’t plan on replying.

Talk to you all later