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So yesterday the topic came up about business ventures that have gone awry as of late and the topic of D43 came up. As I mentioned in earlier posts, he used to work with the company every once in a while for contracted projects here and there but the company changed it’s policy and wanted to keep business within the group so they hired people who can do the same thing as D43. Whatever, it’s not my business but one of the Account Manager’s (AM), when the word came down, called and let him know. Over the course of about 3 weeks D43 would come in and  see his competition and each would exchange blank looks and awkward stares behind each other’s back.

*kanye shrug*

Well the AM says that lately D43 cut him off because he called him for some work and asked for a quote on a product that he felt he was low balled  on so he called one of our in-house guys and got a much better quote and as a result went with our in-house guy. Well D43 really wanted the product but he low bid himself out and when he found out that the business went to an in-house guy he was upset and complained to our boss. On top of that, he called the AM to complain and the AM didn’t want to hear it and told him so. Ever since then, their relationship has ended and D43 no longer talks to him.

*cue Beyonce’s “The best thing I never had” and sing ‘thank God you blew it, thank God I dodged a bullet. I’m so over you baby good-looking out!’ *

I sat and silently listened both intrigued and in shock at his childishness. Talk about a little girl reaction to a business decision that happens everyday. But I think there was something more going on and this built up animosity about the fact that the product went to our in-house guy and not to him is much more apart of his childish reaction than the principle of not getting the product. Oh well right? Good riddance!

That explain’s some of the negative vibes I got from D43 on our last (and final) date a few weeks back. Thank God he blew it. Thank God I dodged the bullet. I’m so over you , baby good-looking out! LOL

I’m pretty happy with that.

Talk to you all later 🙂 Till my next post !