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So Mr. Muscle (remember that sexy guy I talked about?) called me today! I was surprised. Remember my post yesterday about waking up early to take my mother to the evangelist church service thing this morning. Ugh! I hated waking up so early and driving with her to this thing. I get there and it actually turned out quite well. Anyway, as I am coming home, we stop for gas and my phone rings so I answer it through my bluetooth. I didn’t even recognize the voice. The funny part is, I was going through my phone earlier to call my friend, saw his name and number and erased it wondering why it was still in my phone.

So he comes at me with a song and pony dance about his phone not working and not being able to get his phone numbers out of it, and having to move in with his friend because his lease came due and he forgot to renew it. I listened and wondered why the hell he was calling me telling me this foolishness. He asked what I was doing today and I told him I was busy with plans than he asked if he can see me during the week. Really?? You give me a song and dance story about being locked out of your phone but you some how got back into it and managed to call me a month later, than you tell me your irresponsible and are now bunking with a friend at his house, but you would like to meet up? What am I supposed to do? Drive to your friend’s house or drive all the way out to another borough to come see you? Sorry, I don’t drive to visit. Did that once with you when I met you at a coffee shop I’m not doing that again. Clearly, he doesn’t have his ish together and I am surely not going to be his momma-woman and teach him how. Sorry! Good-bye!

That was an interesting turn of events today. I didn’t expect to see or hear from him ever again. He showed me with his actions that he is not reliable or stable for that matter. So why should I take another chance with him again? I think I will take this as yet another red-flag behaviour noted from him and let him push on down the road and be someone else’s problem.