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Today was such a beautiful day so after work a few of us decided to go to a patio and relax. It was great. I sat there with a banker, account managers, a business manager and her husband and we ate nachos, drank beer’s and had some drinks and talked about business. What else do you do on a patio after work? LOL Sure we laughed about a few things, and people near by but it was by and large about the business.

Well, I mentioned to the business manager that the gentleman who came into pick up a cheque was hot. He was just my type. Olive skin, dark hair, great body; I could tell he worked out. Just sumptuous. So the BM’s manager’s husband hears me say this and he listens the first time, than I talk about the wedding and my hot friend M and he interrupts me and asks whats with all the “hot guy talk, don’t you have a boyfriend?”. I turn and tell him no. 

Well, He’s Italian and very passionate and says to me, “Bronze, what happened?? Oh my gosh!”. I realized he obviously didn’t know. So I look at him and with a smile on my face I tell him the relationship ended because he cheated on me. The Account Manager looks at me and crosses his arms and says, “You can do better anyway don’ worry about it” while the BM’s husband is still in shock because by all accounts, the last time he saw us I seemed happy and he seemed like a cool guy. The BM’s wife looks at me and pats her husband on the hand and says, “Oh, Bronze is over it, that was a long time ago. She’s good now. Don’t worry about it babe”. Her husband looks at me worried and ask’s, “So why would he cheat on you?”. I shrugged and say I don’t know, it’s a long time ago and I’ve moved on. He looks at me with more concern than but we all change the subject so he never gets the chance to continue the conversation.

As we talked and laughed, it lingered in the back of my mind. It had been a while, well since last sunday that someone had asked me about him and to be honest I didn’t really have a plan on how I would approach the topic if someone asked again thereafter. I guess I just figured I would go with the flow but be sure to tell them that I’ve moved on, not as a smoke screen or an academy award performance but because I genuinely believe it. But it lingered there nonetheless and I wondered why.

I don’t think its serious. I don’t desire to be with the ex and to be honest he barely even crosses my mind for more than a second before he exits on any given day. I am positive that he will no longer come to mind at all. In fact, until the husband asked me, I hadn’t even thought about him for the entire work day. I guess that’s why the question lingered on my mind, because I was having a great time before than that questions came up out of nowhere to me and there he was for the first time all day as a topic of discussion.

But I won’t let that ruin my evening and it didn’t ruin my good time. on the patio either. I would have stayed longer but everyone started looking at their watches and we were right around the corner from work so we all took off to start off our weekend. I wanted to go salsa dancing tonight but I have to wake up early to bring my mom to some church thing happening. UGH! Why did I agree to go??? I don’t want to. I’d rather just drive her than pick her up but I still have to wake up early. Not only that, but I have to drive 3 hours sunday morning south to my niece’s christening. So when do I get to sleep in??? Next weekend maybe?

Ugh! Oh well. I’ve been reading the 48 Laws of Power and I love it! I read it on my lunch and while I was waiting for everyone to show up to the patio. I’m glad I read it the first time because it is a lot to take in the first time and I found that I had to pause and digest it than continue. So it took a while to get through it the first time. But now, a few months later, it’s all going down quite nicely and I am really being inspired and enjoying every page and word written in the book.

Talk to you guys later 🙂