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Is it ever a good idea to have a friend with benefits?

Nowadays, sex has become as casual as a hook up ranging from making out, to oral sex, to sexual intercourse. Sometimes, you don’t even need to know the man your hooking up with. He could be that hot guy at the bar that you locked eyes with. A quick make out session on the dance floor sometimes is an indication that your DTF (down to f***) and next thing you know, you are off to his place and your getting it on.

But what if this scenario happens between friends? Think about it. You already have a friendship and know that you like hanging out with each other. Familiarity can breed contempt but it can also fuel attraction. Suddenly, that friend who isn’t really your type, but has a really cool personality, can seem that much more attractive over time. Or if you’ve always found them attractive then that’s an added bonus. Provide the right opportunity, the right setting, and a perfectly timed move and you could end up making out and more…gettin it in! You already feel close to this person so it would almost seem like it’s a natural progression. Right? But is it a good idea?

Can you go from neutral friend’s who hang out and have fun to friends who sleep with each other every once in a while on a consistent? Is there such a thing as no strings attached arrangement? What if that person wants to date other people but have the occasional shag with you every once in a while? What kind of boundaries would you have to set up so that no one gets hurt or worse…jealous!  Would you structure your relationship and confine the sex to occur only if you are both single, of you find someone you want to settle down with? Than after that, do you feel jealous when he or she treats their new partner with the love, care and intimacy that you once shared? How do you navigate this ‘arrangement’?

Have you ever had a friend with benefits and how did it turn out?

I don’t have  a friend with benefits nor am I considering one but I’ve always wondered what other people’s experiences are with this.  I have a friend who has a FWB and she is quite happy the arrangement so it got me wondering how this can work out for her so well?

What are your thoughts?