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Hello everyone!

So I went to my friend ‘I”s wedding and it was beautiful! I have never been to a African wedding and I gotta admit it was a world of fun. I really enjoyed myself. The wedding started off late, but I wasnt surprised. I got there 15 minutes late myself so I was happy to see that it hadn’t started yet. Selfish I know. An hour later the wedding was underway and the groom was handsome, and his wife looked gorgeous. During the vows she broke down crying and it really brought a little misty-ness to everyone’s eyes but I managed to hold my tears in but her bridesmaids were not so strong and they too broke down crying. Now I have to talk about the pastor.

He was a short, African minister and he was determined to put it all on the table and we got a crash course in why SEX was a very vital and important component of a marriage. He pointed out that it was the glue that cements the relationship and emphasised that “I” had to “do it, and do it well”. That got a roar of laughter, embarrassed glances and shy giggles from the whole audience. For those of us from the younger generation we quickly observed that line was made famous by LL Cool J and I noted that clearly the Minister, before he was called to the cloth, was a fan of that song. Well, after that I thought he was done but I was wrong. He continued schooling the young couple in why SEX was to be incorporated into their relationship on a daily basis. If I didn’t know ‘I’ so well I’d think he slipped that in to the ceremony as a nudge but I really doubt it because he looked a bit mortified throughout the whole thing! lol

Well the Minister moved on and soon it was time for cocktail hour. My friend A was supposed to come with me but as usual she was late even though we originally made plans to drive in one car together but she decided it would be best to drive from Brampton to Kettleby on her own so I agreed. She ended up getting pulled over, searched (she gave the cop lip), and fined $150 for talking on a cell phone. Everyone know’s about Ontario’s strict no cell phone laws and when I called to find out where she was an hour and a half  after arriving to the ceremony, she answered. Problem is, the cop beside her noticed too.

After cocktail hour it was time to sit down and there was drama at our table because 3 older women decided they didn’t want to leave which meant all of us from work could not sit together. Another girl had to come over and speak to them in their language before they finally relinquished the seats and we got to sit down and socialize. That was a major pain in the you know what! But it was resolved and soon forgotten.


Remember I mentioned that M would be there? Well while the whole seat debacle was happening, it ended up that we would be sitting one seat a part. Somehow, after the women left and my friend arrived and sat down M ended up sitting beside me which thrilled me to no end because that’s what I wanted all along. We talked and leaned into each other for a good while. I loved it. Oh I almost forgot. M and his friend H had to stand up while we got the seat situation sorted out. They told me to sit down and joked that they would be my bodyguards. In my head I thought, two good-looking men guarding me that’s not a bad deal at all but I didn’t say it out loud because I am shy. LOL. Anyway, I felt bad so I stood up and started talking to them and H mentioned that he and M were gaining weight. I looked at M like he was on crack and said, “Yea right! I don’t see any weight on you” and I reached out and felt up his arms. LOL Then joked that I could do that since we knew each other. They both laughed. 🙂

The music played was all Ghanian since the bride and groom were Ghanian. Even though all of us at the table were different races, we all liked the music because we could hear some reggae, soca, and hip hop in it which we could all identify with it. So we all either danced in our seats or if you were brave enough headed for the dance floor. M refused because he didn’t feel that he fit in because he was not the same race as majority of the wedding guests. I didn’t care about differences. I went out on the dance floor and dropped it like it was hot anyway.

My friend A, what can I Say about her. I love her but sometimes I wonder about our friendship because we are so different. She is a gorgeous girl but makes some really stupid choices and I say that because she knows better but still doesn’t make the best decision for herself. She thanked me for taking her to this wedding so she could experience something different. Like I said, none of us are African so it was a new experience that we all enjoyed. But what annoyed me was she constantly had to go the bathroom to pee, which meant she would then stare at herself in the mirror. I didn’t want to get up all the time to accompany her there because I wanted to be present in the hall to be there for my friend ‘I’ and watch the gorgeous show he put on for us. He had male african dancers dancing in their underwear and colourful shorts wrap (you could still see their underwear which I didn’t mind seeing at all lol), he also came out in a Armani suit with 3 beautiful  Brazilian dancers which she missed because she was outside at the bar getting a drink. She was trying to convince me to go out there with her to get another drink. All in all she practically drank the whole night away. I didn’t expect her to do that or I would have gone by myself. I don’t think she knows how to have fun without alcohol in her system.

Case in point, at the end of the night when I was standing out with H and M, she walks up to H and goes, have you seen Bronze? M and I exchanged side glances then H looked up at me and say’s “She’s right in front of me”. Clearly she was not fit to drive. We all asked her if she was ok and I told her I would drive her but she insisted she is fine to drive.

It’s also worth mentioning that she pulls M close to her 20 minutes earlier  while we were sitting at the table and he was standing beside us and says to him, “Bronze wants to dance but my feet hurt so I don’t want to dance with her, can you go out on the dance floor with her for me?” He whispers to her ” I’d love to, she’s beautiful but I am white and can’t dance so I don’t think I can go out there with her”. I had no idea what they were saying.

During this whole exchange I’m sitting there mortified wondering what the hell did she just say to him. I ask her what did she say and she says nothing and bats her eye lashes at me. He leans into me and goes soon and walks off. I know M, he made a fast exit because he felt uncomfortable. I didn’t like that at all so I bbm’d him and said that I didn’t know why she said whatever, that I know it must have been awkward and sorry.” He didn’t reply and seemed a bit awkward towards me afterwards. I could have killed her!

It was an eventful night. All in all, I really enjoyed myself and it was good catching up with everyone all over again.