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Have you ever gone to use a public washroom, and after you’ve finished your “business” and are standing at the sink, the stall door opens and the user comes out, fluffs their hair then walks out without washing their hands?

How disgusting!

I’ve seen it more than I wish to count and I wonder to myself why any woman, with all the things she could possibly be doing in the stall at that time, changing her tampon, changing her pad, wiping excess discharge off her panties (maybe she is ovulating-it happens!), she peed, she took a poo, her bum felt itchy and she wanted to wipe it, a myriad of things, if after doing any of those things and more, why would you not wash your hands?

Then you leave and inevitably touch the railing, wall, doorknob, books, exchange touches with the cashier, touch the debit machine, bank machine, your face, everything. Leaving all that DNA, bacteria and just nastiness everywhere! Gross!!

But I will take this one step further and ask you, would you call out to said offender and point out that they have not washed their hands?

Now fellas, I don’t pretend to know what goes on in the men’s washroom. Once I nearly made my way in there by accident and that’s because I was busy changing songs on my iPod, neglecting to watch where I was going. Luckily, I looked up just in time and doubled back before I embarrassed myself and the men in there. But I wanted to know, do men generally wash their hands after you do your do or do you shake it dry and go?

Why do men shake it? I can’t tell you how many men I have encountered and caught a distinct whiff of urine on them in my lifetime. I don’t think they are peeing on themselves. And it’s not little boys either its grown men in suits. Clearly there is some back spray happening with the whole shake it and go thing. Yuck! Thats not attractive!

How comfortable are you with doing a number 2 on the road? Do you hold it and bring it home with you or do you give in and use a public washroom? I would hope that anyone who decides to do a #2 in a public restroom would wash their hands afterwards. I would really hope!

Ok I think I am done with my potty talk. It was on my mind after seeing a woman do this the other day. Just gross!

Ciao everyone 🙂