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Hello All!

(Ladies, can we take a moment to look at this fine specimen of a man in this picture? Suits do it for me. I know a lot of women like a man in uniform but stand a fine man in a suit beside one of Toronto’s finest officer’s and I wont even notice the officer is standing there! LOL)

Oh so back to my regular post 🙂

I’m attending a good friend’s wedding tomorrow named ‘I’. We met at my previous employment and he was such a great guy that we instantly created a friendship that has lasted over a year. He’s such a cool cat! Well there is another person in our circle named M. M is pure sexy! He is my height, 5’9 and he is just muscle, wit, good looks, ambition and smarts. My old job used to go to Canada’s Wonderland for family day and M and my friend ‘I’ would coordinate going so we could sit together for the lunch  (some good food I tell you)  then bugger off to play like little kids! lol

I see these guys everyday in business attire and M does have nice muscles under his shirt (an attribute that was never lost on the women in the office me included) but when I saw him at Wonderland my jaw dropped. I almost didn’t recognize him in his white shirt and jeans. He looked so different and so yummy all at the same time. He came up to me and hugged me and I nearly lost my composure. The feeling of his rock hard muscles around my tiny waist and shoulder’s was different and amazing! The ex was not muscularly inclined but I didn’t care, I loved him the way he was so when M hugged me it took me by surprise.

Well, I almost forgot where I was and briefly the thought of wrapping my legs around him drifted across my mind which would have done 2 things; piss my then boyfriend off, and drop a few of the executives jaws that were near by, so I broke free of his hug. Suddenly I felt subconscious about my little beige shorts. I saw him look at me like “wow” (I think he was surprised because at that point we only seen each other in work attire and it was a scorcher out that day) but I shook it off because I am the faithful type and didn’t want to let my mind go there when I loved the ex so I smiled and kept it neutral.

It’s interesting because I am a sucker for an olive skinned man with dark hair and light eyes but M is the opposite of that and I find I am a sucker for his looks too. Oh the things I learn! LOL






But the good news is M is going to be there tomorrow alone. Oh so sexy M (he bears a resemblance to the guy in the first pic). One of my girlfriends is accompanying me as my “date”. She’s hot and funny and since these people know the ex I didn’t want to show up alone so I asked her to come. I am looking forward to seeing him there. I am also looking forward to seeing what he will wear and what he will look like now. LOL Vain I know but I’m single and he and I are friend’s plus he’s hot so why not take in some eye candy??? 🙂

I just made a post about sand castles so I wont try to anticipate what the mini reunion will be like. But one thing is for certain, aside from his damn (and I do mean damn) good looks, we always have fun talking and laughing together. It’s always a good time regardless. I can’t wait!

Also, tomorrow will be the first time in almost 2 months since I will be wearing heels and I can’t wait. Oh, how I’ve missed you so! I have my dress or skirt and top picked out, it’s a silver two piece sexy which I am deciding which one I will finally wear. I have my silver heels and bag and my hair in a Farah Fawcet flip with long layers. I guess you can say its Kim Kardashian-esque?? I can’t wait! As well as being excited about seeing ‘I’ walk down the isle and marry his sweetheart, I am excited about dressing up and being girly. I love being girly and feminine. I have a feeling it’s going to be great 😉

Talk to you all later 🙂