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Last night at the VMA’s Beyonce announced her pregnancy. What beautiful news!
I admire a few things about her. She works hard, she takes ownership of her dreams, aspirations and business and does what it takes to bring them to fruition. She is private about her personal life. She doesn’t disclose details about her husband, or family. She makes no public announcements about anything that will tarnish her image or brand. Even when her father acted the fool she didn’t come out and make any announcements about that either. I especially loved how she deflected personal questions about when she was starting a family and how Jay gushed about her to reporters and interviewers but she remain humble about everything.
she is doing everything on her terms and last night announced her pregnancy on her terms as well. Good for her. There’s a lot that can be learned about femininity, mystique, humility, grace, success and people skills from watching her evolution from destiny’s child till now.

Congrats Jay-z and Beyonce!