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So my tooth is finally out. Thank God. Instead of taking all 4 they only took 1. I’m happy about that. I had a cleaning which they froze my jaw and mouth. Than they froze me 3 times more because apparently I had some latent nerves deep within that were determined to do their job; register pain. Hearing the saw was unnerving to say the least but I decided to focus on the strange lizard cartoon playing on the overhead flat screen and ask myself questions like:

Why is that lizard boy flying?
Why is that space ship shaped like a purple turtle?
Why are they shooting a dog food commercial?

Things like that. It worked and they pulled my tooth out in two pieces. The nice lady showed me the tooth. I must say its ugly and big. Hardly enough room back there for such a size of tooth. My mouth really is small… LOL

I feel dizzy but other than that I’m fine. I’m just glad it’s all over.

Talk to you all later