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I have a guilty pleasure show that I will confess to watching. Are you ready? Its Jersey Shore. It’s a train wreck of booze, poof’s, breast implants, GTL, partying and DTF women but I can’t help but curiously tune in every Thursday night at 10.

So last night, tooth hurting I faithfully tuned in. I wasnt as surprised by the attack on Situation by Ronnie because it was a long time coming and honestly Situation has been stirring the pot with Ronnie, Sammie and now Snookie, but I was surprised by how Vinnie and Pauly D came together to put Deena in her place for what they deemed an “inexcusable offense”. Last weeks episode Situation hooked up with a girl who had a twin sister whom she than brought to the club to meet Situation. Situation managed to convince them to come back to the house for a threesome. Deena saw one of the twin’s and liked her enough to start making out with her in the club before Situation could leave with them; this is what the boy’s called a robbery.

Situation bring’s the twins home and Deena proceed’s to make out with said twin in her bed. Deena share’s a room with Vinnie and Pauly D so as Deena left to go get God know’s what, the twin crawls into Vinnie’s bed, starts kissing him and what looks like began having sex with him (picture him on bottom she’s on top). Deena interrupt’s this, pulls the twin off and bring’s her back into her bed to continue making out. Afterward’s she send’s her back to Vinnie to finish having sex.

Now am I the only one who think’s this is disgusting? Sad part is, I know a group of people who do this, having sex with multiple friends, swapping partner’s back and forth expecting, that no one should catch any feelings. After a few month’s it all fell apart in some serious drama that resulted in some people leaving the party scene permanently in disgrace.

Anyhow, Pauly and Vinnie felt salty about this series of events as they accused Deena of committing a “double robbery”, an offence that Vinnie says Deena shouldn’t have committed while he was mid-hook up with the twin. He failed to see his role in the “robbery” when he allowed the twin to ride him while Deena was not in the room. So, to punish Deena they teased her with lesbian innuendo’s, outright in her face jokes and finally by moving her bed out of their room into the living room. They knew it bothered her because they saw her crying moments before they moved her bed out. For Deena that was the last straw and she collapsed in the girls room in a rain of tears and promises never to talk to the boys again.

Jenni decides to have a meeting with Pauly, Vinnie and the girls including Deena resulting in Pauly yelling at Deena accusing her of changing. Moments before said meeting Pauly and Vinnie decided that Deena has passed her place and should apologize for the double robbery (see point above about Vinnies role in the “robbery” as well). At the end of the meeting Deena apologizes to Vinnie as he lies in his bed smugly (hands behind his head, legs crossed at the ankle) lapping up the victory.

I sat and wondered if anyone noted how they put Deena back in her place. For them she stepped out of the conventional lines of only bringing home men that are DTF. Instead she brought one of Situation’s girls into her bed and committed the robbery as they put it. If she could successfully do that to him than she could do that to them and they couldn’t have that happen. They had to make her feel as uncomfortable and guilty as possible for doing something that they themselves have done at one point or another to each other. In essence, they had to put her firmly back in her place and teach her a lesson in a way that she would never forget.

A lot of times I say this to teen girls, just because you are living in a world of hook-up’s and sexual freedoms (insert oral sex party’s here) doesn’t mean you can do as the boys do and not suffer the consequences. It’s not fair but life is not fair and the sooner that’s understood than the easier it becomes to navigate, and manipulate situations that otherwise would have resulted in you being on the receiving end of such unfairness. I wish someone would have told me that in my teen years because now that I understand that point,  situations that would have trapped me in feelings of confusion and despair now allows me to look at it objectively and begin working out a plan to turn it around in my favor.

You can’t be DTF at the party, and still be respected as a woman by sunrise. I love Kim Kardashian but she has made some sexual mistakes in her past that has tarnished her image enough that when news of her impending nuptuals came out, the internet erupted in sentiments that she was damaged goods, used up and desperate for marriage. The damaged goods comments came from her leaked sex tape with Ray J (I watched it chick has skills), and her relationship with Reggie Bush, though it was exclusive it ended in a dramatic way. Than there was her dating Halle Berry’s ex which caused an uproar in the black community as many viewed her as desperate for attention and man hungry since it was right in the middle of Halle’s nasty custody battle with Aubrey. I thought that was a bad move for her because he was bad publicity and she should have known better. Than there was her fling with her bodyguard Jango, which was televised on her show Kim and Kourtney take New York kast season.

Was he hot?  Heck yea! But I couldn’t help but note how it made her look as she closed the door to the camera’s and they snuck around to the windows to find her on his lap about to have sex with him. Plainly, it made her look bad. Now was she the first women to sleep with a man she really likes? No! But she is one of few to do it on camera and I found that even though her sex tape was about 4 years ago while she was in a exclusive relationship with Ray J, being on her show and about to have sex with this guy whom she is not in a relationship with (but is dating) ran too parallel to the tape fiasco.

Kim, with all her beauty and money, still didn’t buy her a pass to do the same thing that men do all day, everyday all over the world. I’m sure her husband Kris doesn’t care BUT still she is viewed so negatively despite everything she has accomplished.

What are your thoughts?