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So I went to the Dentist today to have my teeth cleaned. I figured it was safe since my wisdom teeth werent hurting as bad as earlier this week. Well,I was wrong and it hurt!!!!

It hurt so bad that they froze the right side of my face. First off I want to say that the doctor who came in to freeze my face was cute, short but very cute! And I want to say that it was in the middle of my cleaning so I didn’t exactly look my best with all that blood on my bib. To make it worse I actually had a tear rolling down the right side of my face as he inserted that sharp ass needle into my mouth. I tried willing that tear back up but it didn’t work, he’d already seen it. So not only am I lying there all bloody but he’s cute and I’m crying because he has given me a needle! Such a winning moment in my life!

I have never had my face frozen before so it was weird walking out of there with no sensation one one side of my face. It felt swollen, and hot which is strange because I’m not supposed to feel anything at all. So there I am walking out of there hoping no one looks at me and notices how awkward I feel (I looked normal but in my head it felt like I looked like I was punched in the face) next thing I hear is, “Hola mami, como estas??”.

I ran.

How sexy would I look talking out of half my face. Nope! No can do. I came home hungry and decided to have a mango juice drink from a straw perched on the side of my mouth (it was hilarious if you had been there to see it) and hoped it would help quench my hunger. It didn’t work. LOL I finally caved and ate some left over chinese food in baby bites. I figured I could soften it till it was mush in my mouth than swallow I’d be good!  LOL It worked and the hunger is now gone. I’d like to think I was creative with that one!

As my jaw finally regain’s some sense of movement I look on my blackberry to see status updates predicting a Tornado watch for Toronto. I was shocked. I used to think we could never have one of “those” up here. I was wrong. The sky is pretty dark right now and London, Goderich and the southern part of the golden horseshoe was advised to seek shelter all in a span of 5 minutes of each so I guess we should take this seriously. I mean if I didn’t believe before well the sky being so dark and the warnings for cities that are about an hour’s drive from me should make me a believer. 

Yesterday we had an earthquake, today we are seeking shelter in a bathroom, basement or a ditch if we are driving. Talk about crazy! 

Thats it! I’m gonna go buy a lottery ticket tomorrow.

I hope everyone is safe!

Talk to you guys soon 🙂