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I had planned to write a 3rd post on the 22nd as per my usual routine but it never happened. Between feeling sad about Jack Layton’s loss, to reflecting on my own mother’s fight with cancer, and my wisdom teeth kicking my butt and taking names I just didn’t get around to it.

My wisdom teeth have decided to make one last go of it but this time came packing with an infection. So now I have an infection that is just hurting soooo bad right now. The throbbing pain, and the accompanying headache is really testing my ability to stay happy during my stay-cation. I went to the dentist and she immediately put me on antibiotics and booked me to get them taken out this friday. Yay me!

I guess that means I wont be going to my friend’s daughter’s b-day bbq nor will I be hanging out with my cousin of the same name (who if you remember she and I had a BLAST Caribana weekend) as per our plans so that means no CNE 😦

The good news is I went to a financial advisor today and got some things on the ball rolling which is good. I spent some time job hunting. Now my pain meds have worn off and the throbbing has returned.

So if I am MIA it’s because I am drugged up, lying down and trying to fight these wisdom teeth that are causing me so much PAIN!

Talk to you guys later …