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Ok so I’m back.

I love this place too much to stay away, my meds have kicked in (yes!!) plus wordpress finally allows me to connect from my lap top so I am good to go.

On Sunday I was given an awesome idea on what to do to change my circumstances to something ideal. I haven’t kept it a secret my will to Live Well. It’s not only a will but its a lifestyle that I am determined to have and live.

So what’s this idea that you’re talking about??

Writing out a list of things you want as if you already have it than repeat that list every night before you go to sleep.

Sunday night I sat and diligently made out my list than repeated it to myself before going to bed. As I said it I visualized it happening to me or experiencing what it would be like to have that object, person or thing in my life.

Its day 2 so far but I am excited for the possibilities. Last year I wanted an iPod touch so bad. I saw someone with it and how convenient it was to have an iPod and I thought about how good it would be to have one myself. To plug it into my car and drive with my own music and not rely on the radio all the time. Well, this past December when Best Buy was having a really great sale on  one so I bought it. Was it pricey? Yes! But less pricey than when I saw it at regular price. So I bought it and I have been happy with it ever since. I visualized it, told myself I’m getting one and despite the odds I got it.

Let’s see how it goes with my new list! I aso creating a vision board as well. I’m a visual person so seeing the stuff that I like instantly makes me feel happy and I start visualizing myself in it.  I will keep you posted. What’s your list? have you ever practiced this approach and it work for you? If so how? I would LOVE to hear about it.