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So today I was in bed (sucks but I was tired from being up all night with my face hurting) taking a quick nap. I woke up and was watching The Shopping Network wondering what kind of ugly jewlery they were trying to sell for $60 when I felt the bed sway and move up and down.

I closed my eyes and had a quick 1 second conversation in my head (our thoughts move quicker than our mouths can actualize them into words) where I asked myself if this movement was the result of the construction happening outside my window or if this indeed was an earthquake.  I concluded it was an earthquake and my eyes shot open and I was suddenly very awake…and scared. To my right I could hear the building shaking and the generator outside shaking around violently from it’s concrete foundation clanking against the metal fence.

I took in everything around me than I closed my eyes and told myself it will be ok, and soon it will be all over. 10 seconds later it wasn’t over and I began to feel scared again wondering when was it going to stop. Finally, 30 seconds after it began it stopped and there was an eerie calm. Calm is scary after something like that. Next my mom comes running in asking if I felt that too and telling me it was an earthquake but I didnt want to believe. Though deep down I knew she was right. We turned the tv onto CP24 and sure enough the headines blarred that it was a 5.9 earthquake.

Wow! Funny how things can change so suddenly and “shake” up your routine norm. Life is precious and you never know what will happen when you wake up in the morning.

I hope everyone is safe.