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So I had a debate with my cousin about interracial dating. We all want to be accepted but ii have found that as soon as I voice my opinion on IR relationships and my preferences than I am accused of mariginalizing the men of my race. That’s not true but at the same time my preferances are my preferences and I shouldn’t feel attacked or have to defend my identity, ethnicity, country and what I prefer to someone who doesn’t believe in the institution of commitment and the feasability of marrige. Yet that’s what happened today. I had to defend myself against a barage of racial stereotypes, American realities being projected on Canadian culture and the opinion that anyone’s preferance that doesn’t fall in line with the narrow viewpoint of mono racial marriages are the only way to prove you love and know yourself!

That’s BS and I made sure I said it
Than held strong to my viewpoint. I bet at the end of that convo I wasn’t viewed as weak or unknowning of self. I also made a note to not be baited into a convo like that again!

Till next time