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Yesterday my family and I went to get ice cream and relax by the parlor. As we sat outside a biracial boy or girl, his or hers sex was hard to determine, rode up on a bike, parked it and stood by the bike looking like he or she was waiting for someone.
After 5 minutes my cousin being friendly asks the child if he or she is waiting for someone. They respond yes they are waiting for their sister and mother. So we let him or her be but still keep an eye on the child because he or she is by themselves and couldn’t be more than 10 years old. After 15 minutes we ask if the child is ok. As my cousin is asking out the right corner of my eye I see a tall young black man approaching in a red shirt probably around 15 to 17 years old. He walks right up to the child and asks where his or her’s sister is. The child responds I don’t know then the older boy hands the child money which the child quickly runs back to his or her’s bike puts it into a beige cloth messenger bag and peddles off.

We were shocked!

Not only did the child lie without blinking but we witnessed what could have been payment for a drug transaction or an actual drug transaction take place right before our eyes. Is this what we are teaching our children? Is this what some “parents” are teaching their children? I was disgusted. He or she couldn’t be older then 10 yet look what they were already skilled at doing.

I was disgusted and we quickly left because that was not the type of environment we wanted to be in.

Till next time everyone