I like to think of myself as a pretty positive person on a lot of things. I’m outgoing, smart, charming and fun. When I go out I like to laugh, smile and have a good time. I don’t like being around people who get annoyed and ticked off at the slightest thing. I don’t like touchy people and I don’t like it when someone goes from alright to annoyed to angry at something as small as waiting in line a bit longer than they orginally anticipated. I hate that. That kind of grumpy-ness is contagious because it brings everyones mood down. Such was the case with my cousin

I’m outgoing but she feels old and prefers to sit at home and lie in bed all day. I don’t even do that when I’m sick and I’d have to be pretty sick to stay in bed all day. Chances are I will try to prop myself up, feel dizzy, fight the dizziness than finally concede before getting up to do it all over again than lie in bed. So when my cousin wanted to do it I was puzzeled. Cool its her vacay too but my room is a bit too small for both of us plus all her suitcases to stay holed up in my room (she totally trashed it btw) all day. So when my mom proposed going downtown to see the CN tower and walk about (not that far) I figured why not!

My cousin has a 30 year old married niece who wanted her to stay the day and sleep over. I had a problem with that because a) I had to fight to get these days off to spend with my family b) we planned this time a while back and c) damn it every time my cousin comes up the niece hogs all her time. Screw that! I made sure I told my cousin how I felt about how unfair that would be to us for her to take a whoe day and night oit of the 3 days they are here to spend with her niece again when everytime she comes up she’s there anyway!

So we take the subway part of the way down due to parking being at highway robbery prices and my cousin is unhappy. She doesn’t want to take the subway because she takes it everyday in NYC. Than we get to the station and we have a 20minute wait in line for the 509 streetcar and she’s pissed about that too because she doesn’t want to wait. Than she’s antsy because she has to get back for 5 pm so her niece can take her to dinner. So we go drop our mothers off than I gotta drive her back to my house so her spoiled brat 30 year old married niece with 2 kids and a house can come pick her up and whisk her off to dinner in hopes she can keep her overnight even though she was told no.
So after 3 hours I’m finally back downtown. How damn annoying was all of this? The entire time I got to listen to my cousin bitch and complain about everything from my citys transit system, to my racial preference in men which really pissed me off even more. Last I checked I’m allowed to date who I want but THAT topic is for another post.

Talk to you guys later