OK, so I just had a really funny incident happen to me after work.

I went for physio today and the guy who does my massages is pretty cute. I’ll name him F (feel free to fill in the blanks where you want…lol) which is the first initial of his name. Anyway, I wore a grey skirt with a black silky belt. The kind I borrowed from a cute silky blouse and a yellow top. I got into the room waiting for him to come (lol) and I realized I didn’t have a hair tie. So I decided to use my belt and as I began taking it off, thinking I was by myself, I say out loud, “hmm, lets improvise here!” as I unloose the bow I made. Next thing I know he is at the door, red faced, looking down at my waist going, “whoa, whoa, whoa!”. I tried to explain what I meant but I dont think he heard it. LOL A little ackward…?? Yea!

He is hot though, and we do get 30 minutes each session so hey!! LMAO. It was funny because after he calmed down he trys to calmly ask me to take my shirt off so he could get better contact. Pretty damn funny!

That was a nice start to my evening! LOL

Just thought I’d share lol