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Hello all!
You ever wake up in the mood not to talk to anyone? I did. I didn’t want to say a word today. I just wanted to be in my own world with my own thoughts. I had a strange epiphany yesterday evening. I love Beyonce’s new song “The best thing I never had” because it speaks about my ex and I feel like I’ve dodged a bullet with him but everytime I hear the song it takes me way back. I realized I can’t listen to that song if I want to move on. Because everytime I do I reminisce then that leads to wondering how he’s doing or more specifically what he’s doing which stirs up a dust storm of feelings that I want to heal. Its just a bad cycle trapping me in that one moment in time which is unhealthy. I need to look after my own emotional health and do my part to make sure the garbage stays out and the soil is healthy. No more footsteps on my garden. I think he’s trampled on it enough, don’t you?

I look at the weather and how the season is beginning to change and I realize my summer has been even better than I imagined it to have turned out. Back in January I was so scared of facing the summer “alone” yet it has been anything but. I wanted to make new friends; check. I wanted to go out and experience new things; check. I wanted to broaden my experiences and always be busy; check, check! Besides the sprained ankle and even that is going really well I can’t complain about anything. Its been flawless!

I made a promise to myself to put myself out there meet new people, start dating, go out and try new things and I have done that. I wanted to go to a wine tasting which I still plan to do but everything has been amazing. I thank God for that.

I guess my advise to anyone having to face starting over again is to make a list of things you want to accomplish then go out and take the steps to do them. Put aside the fear (which is hard but do-able) and just do it. Fear is just you holding YOU back. Don’t be your own worst critic. Just do it. I’ve already made a list of things I want to accomplish for the coming fall. They seem scary but I’m on board to do it. Let’s do it together! Do you have a list of things you want to accomplish? Let’s make a plan of action and do it.

Talk to you all soon!