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Hello all!!

I had a pretty good night out last night. First I got lost thanks to the GPS that the ex bought me (note to self-sell it as soon as you can), but my friend helped guide me to her house and we sat and had vodka and 7-up shared and cried. LOL Then we hit the club 1182 (I believe thats what its called). We took the subway down then caught a taxi and laughed the entire way there. The club was CLASSY and the people were beauitful. I liked it alot even though I didnt feel that great in flats! I have these shoes that when I put them on adds about 3 inches to my height and instantly makes me look bossy! Now to all my catwalk divas you know what I mean when I say a pair of sexy shoes make you look bossy. Instead, in my flats, I felt mousy! LOL

It was all in my head. But it dicated how I felt the whole night. My friend is 5’10, I’m just  hair under 5’9 but she was wearing heels and that helped make me feel even shorter as well.  Oh well!! LOL She had guys smiling and talking to her all night. I loved it because she’s hot and has such a kind spirit. Eventually, I met a guy named Pedro. He is portuguese and handsome but we all got seperated and that was the last I saw of him. Plus he and his friends wanted us to leave with them to another club. We didnt feel comfortable going and I’m glad my friend told his other friend named Kacey no before I was asked. Good call. I believe we should stay where ever we originally went to party until we decide to leave not leave because a guy wants us to. Oh well. He needed to shave anyway!

All in all it was a fab night. I cant wait for my ankle to heal so I can wear my bossy heels and feel fab all night again! LOL

Talk to you all later 🙂