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Today was a rainy dreary day. That was fine because I decided to take a nap-that turned into a 3 hour sleep. Reason being is I had a sleep deficit that I had to pay up first. For me sleep really affects my mood and my ability to be social with the outside world. Scientists have researched and shown that for every 1 hour of sleep lost your intelligence diminishes by 1 point that day. LOL I consider myself pretty intelligent so I don’t want to reduce anything by 1, 2, 3 or anything so I decided to catch up on what I was lacking. It feels good. But there is no use catching up on sleep during the weekend only to rack up a deficit during the week. So I’m going to have to hit the sack earlier than midnight every night in order to keep this momentum going. From past experiences 10 pm is the sweet hour for sleep for me. As long as I crawl into bed by 10 and drift off I will wake up well rested and ready to go. Problem is a lot of interesting shows come on at 10 pm that I’d rather not miss. LOL The solution to that is internet tv but that’s not always an option I want to pursue every time one of those shows comes on. LOL

I find that when I drink alcohol I get sleepy. I’ve never been drunk; the most is tipsy. But combine drinking with fatigue and its a great recipe for a good nights sleep. I’ve been meaning to stop into the LCBO and pick something up. LOL I resist because I don’t want it to turn into a regular venture. Alcohol can add pounds to the mid section. Right away that helps motivate me to leave it alone. LOL

So my plan for this week will be to go to bed by 10:30…ok fine (who am I fooling??)  11 pm then work my way down to 10:30.

Wish me luck!! What time do you go to bed every night and do you have a sleep deficit? Let me know 🙂