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I don’t know how religious any of my readers are but I like to say a prayer or two every now and then especially when I feel like I dont have any control or power on a situation 😉

I woke up really early this morning feeling a little anxious with a lot on my mind. I had so much swirling around and a whole day to execute everything on my to-do list. So to say I was feeling anxious was an understatement. So I decided to say a little prayer for each thing that was bothering me starting with the ex and I had a lot to say about him. I had a lot to ask clarity for and a lot to ask for peace about. It seemed to work. I woke up later on feeling better and more rested.

Sometimes all it takes is a little prayer to make it all better. Other times it takes a prayer and a step of faith. Still other times it just takes a step of faith and a will power to see it through no matter what.

Its been 7 months. I don’t want to hold onto the past anymore about anything. I want to be free. Dating is scary because there is so much unknown but I do know that it’s a path I want to and have to take. You may ask why do you have to take it? Because moving on is as much self-reflection as it is moving on and dating new people. I have enough confidence in myself, and what I have to offer not to desire to hang myself up on the shelf and call it a wrap. That’s not good for my over all self-esteem, self-image and it’s just plain dumb. I can’t let G dictate how my life goes after he has left. He should never have that power. No man should have that power. No woman should give a man or woman who has chosen to disrespect you that kind of power. Your best revenge is to live well.

I plan to live well…and move on!

I know it’s not going to be an easy road but I am determined to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving. Even if I take a second to cry for a moment stopping is not an option.

I hope your journey is going well. Tell me how it’s coming along. Can you relate?

Talk to you all later 🙂