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Hello All!

I decided not to go to Spanish Language clas today so I could have a “me” day. Lately I have been on non-stop go all the time. Just go, go, go. I havent gotten a lot of sleep lately so yesterday when I came home in a bad mood I decided to just sit, play SIMS 3, surf the net, blog (love you guys too much to stay away) and then hit the sack early. It worked. I felt better today sans the idiot driver who nearly hit me of course. Besides that it was a good day.

So I came home and decided that I would continue my me day and stop running around and just sit and do my hair. While I was doing my hair I heard what sounded like a warning siren from a squad car just outside my window. So I look out the window and there swinging around the corner is a squad car. 2 officers jump out; one a training officer the other a rookie. The rookie was hot! No wedding ring or anything.  Well, 4 other squad cars responded and started looking around. God knows what they are looking for but whatever it was they didnt find it and proceeded to leave.

Nothing like some evening eye candy to help top off the day.

I dont know what it is about our boys in blue. I think there is something sexy and dangerous about a police officer. The uniform is sexy.

Thats all for my daily musings today.

Have a great night everyone!