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Have I really dealt with my hurt? I’m still angry at G. That’s my ex’s first initial. I’m still angry at him for lying to me instead of being straight forward about his feelings. I’m still mad at him for cheating on me and saying those mean things to me. I’m still angry at him for abandoning me when I needed him the most. I’m angry for him telling me “always and forever there is nothing we can’t work through” then him leaving me. What happened to “always and forever”?

I’m angry at my uncle for recently walking out when I needed his help the most. I figured he would respect me enough to tell me if he felt overwhelmed. He’s my uncle and I love him no matter what. But his departure came across cold, angry and calculating even though I understand his reasoning for why he needed to take a step back. It was just too similar to G suddenly leaving and I was already feeling abandoned and disliked. My uncle didn’t help that. It made me feel like one more person who said they would be there left in a bad way. It hurt me deeply and I hold a certain amount of resentment towards him for it even though I still talk to him every once and a while.

I’m angry at my dad because he’s selfish and was never really there to be begin with.

I need to let go of this anger and maybe talking about it here will help me to finally confront it and begin the process of healing. I believe that this anger will hold me back and I don’t want that. But I know that need to let it out

This is a aprt of my journey…

Talk to you later