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Hello everyone.

I had a long rainy day. I got soaked from head to toe- so not cool. And to thik I liked the rain but today showed me that I like the rain more from the inside of a warm, dry building then being outside in it. Today’s rain was weird. At times it was hard rain with gusting winds which made an umbrella a ridiculous tool, at other times it would just down pour heavily.

I started to feel a bit misearble because my feet were wet and cold. Not cool. To top it off I was in training all day trying not to fall asleep on my laptop in the boardroom. So that meant no mid day posts. Normally I’ve sent out two posts by now and contemplating my third so it felt a bit weird LOL

Rain, was not my friend today! Ok rant over. Off I go to get ready for my date with D43. I plan to re-straighten out my hair and throw on some pants (my skirt got soaked today) and a pretty top.

Talk to you all later 🙂