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How long is enough time before its time to move on and date again? 3 months? 6 months? A year? How long is just enough time? And if you go by your own clock are you being healthy on your journey? Or are you stunting or possibly sabotaging your own personal journey to healing if you take longer then this time line?

Whose time line do you follow when your on your journey from heartbreak to Healed?

I was talking with someone thursday and after he shared his story of heartbreak to healing he told me he followed the 3 month rule which says you grieve 1 month for every year of the relationship. I listened I thought that it sounded nice and tidy in theory but reality was different. In my journey in March I was just starting to feel a little better but not enough to jump back into dating. I wanted to be fine and not hurt anymore but wanting something right away and the reality and feasibility of that desire are two different things.

I guess that worked for him. I’m 7 months and change into my journey and I can tell you that I am more sure of dating again now than I was in March. I just wasn’t ready back then. But I understand that its different for everyone. Some people can heal and jump back in the saddle right away. Some can’t. I choose to take care of myself and get rid of my emotional baggage before I hand it off to someone else. That just wouldn’t be fair.

What are your thoughts? Did you take a long time or a shorter time to get over your breakup? Did you have people who wanted to rush you along the process?
I’d like to hear from you.

Talk to you all later