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Today I finally heard from Muscle.

I find that he is very slow with his pursuit and generally passive which kinda puzzles me. I’m used to if a guy likes me he pursues me not sits back and waits, calculating his next move. So I called him out on it (do you notice a theme here??) and I told him it seems he holds back a little. He told me he does because he doesn’t want to aggressively pursue and ruin anything.

Fair enough? I don’t know. His passivity comes across to me as disinterest. Dont get me wrong, he is sexy as ever! Like really sexy but his cool exterior puzzles me. So he contacts me this morning saying hello on bbm then took a few hours to respond to my hello. Now to be fair he said he doesn’t get good reception on his blackberry in his apartment building. I can kinda believe that because depending on which apartment buildings I go the same happens. When he finally did reply he plans to meet me later on. Fine by me.

Except for 2 things. One I am very conscious of gas today after I put some in and barely saw my needle move. You know every time I go to the gas station to fill up and I see that I get shorted a few litres for my dollar it makes me love McGuinty that more and it convinces me why I will be voting for him this coming election! If he thinks I will then he is smoking some crack that I have never heard of before because it aint happening! Anyway, the second reason is I took a nap and woke up after he called me. To make matters worse I look outside and its raining cats, dogs, men (that would be nice) and anything else that could fall out the sky. So I decided not to go. The weather today has been so sporadic. One minute its raining the next its sunny and the sun lasts for hours (including a high humidex) then it suddenly gets darker and starts to rain again. I don’t understand.

I like Muscle but I have my reservations about him. First of all he’s young, 22 is young and I don’t think he knows himself right now. Second, he’s a door to door salesman which is fine but I have my reservations about that. Maybe I am being too picky. Honestly if I didn’t fall asleep watching E! and it wasnt raining I would go. But I can’t change the past.

Oh well, I’ll call him later and talk to him a bit.

My friend calls me today after she had a Sunday afternoon drink. LOL She doesn’t normally drink so hearing her a bit tipsy on the phone was interesting to say the least. Anyway, she asked me if Europe called and I said no. It was a sign of him more than anything else that he didn’t call plus I think my goodbye was pretty final. Anyway, she asked if I had called D43. D43 is the guy that I met at work. A sexy 43-year-old who looks damn good for his age. He’s so fit, and makes really good money but the bonus is he doesn’t work for my company which is great! Talk about extreme’s. 22 and 43! Whew!

Anyway. We went on 2 dates and then we lost touch a bit. He told me he thought I wasnt interested. So she suggested I call him if I was interested in him and show it since he says I didn’t last time. I called but got no answer and I left him a message. Thats a huge step forward for me since I’m a bit traditional in my thinking of dating. I feel like if a man is interested in you he will show that by contacting you. I don’t believe he should be the only one to do the contacting but I definitely think he will contact at some point if he is interested.

Is this too much to ask? I want to be pursued. Do I have to throw myself out there before the feet of the dating world? I think not. I wont do that but dating is hard and confusing. I find myself confused a lot. What should I do?

 I’d like ot hear from you.

Talk to you later.