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Have you ever sat down and thought , “wow, if I could change careers to such and such life might be easier”? I have.  Currently, I have a degree in something that I am not using at all and it irks me to no end. Sure accounting is nice, but it’s not what I want to retire doing.
So two weeks ago I sat on  a patio in downtown Toronto with my cousin of the same name (it was so fun confusing guys with that) and we talked about life, careers and what she does for a living. She is a project manager for a major company (more info then that and it would open the door to stalkers and I have already voiced how I feel about crazy people *wink*) and she said, “Bronze, you should get into that. I took the full course at *insert School here* and did the PMP exam then was promoted to PM at my job”. It got the gears turning in my pretty little head and I decided to check it out. After a lot of research I narrowed it down to two schools that I could possibly take the course at. The second school completes the designation in Environmental Project Management (PME) in 2 semesters which is good for me. I just found it today so I am going to call them on my lunch monday and find out a few pertinent things like:

1. price

2. do they offer distance courses such as online or evening classes

3. schedule times

If everything is kosher and  it all fits nicely into my schedule and price range then I will sign up for it, complete the designation and hopefully sit for my PMP exam in the spring. It takes time, and I am an impatient person but while I’m waiting to change careers at least I am making the right steps for preparation to do it.

Have you ever thought about changing careers? Did you talk to a career counselor about it? I am thinking of doing that as well as going to see a financial advisor to make sure that in these hard economic times  I make the wisest and most prudent decisions for myself.

If you changed careers, tell me your experiences with it? How was the transition? Did your family think you were crazy? Did you think you were crazy? Were you scared (like how I am scared right now??). Tell me what you think.