Now, I’m not a Chris Brown fan at all. I disliked him from the whole Rhianna beating incident and really began disliking him when he guest remixed a song where he joked about hitting Rhianna with an umbrella. I think he’s out of control. His GMA appearance where he decided to take out a window with a chair then storm out the building prove this. Classic DBR behavior. Not only that I definitely think he is the epitome of a DBR man. Then he comes out with this song “Beautiful people” and I must admit I’ve fallen in love with it.

Prior to this I avoided all songs that had to do with Chris Brown. I just wanted nothing to do with him and I wasn’t interested in supporting him at all. I guess that’s why I didn’t recognize his voice on this song and I fell in love with the lyrics without paying attention to who sang it. Smart Trick CB! I know a lot of people didn’t know it was him either but love the song.

Its interesting. When I look around I do see a lot of beautiful people now more than before. Every shade, size, race, and creed. God made us all so very beautiful in our own right. True beauty shines from within us and that’s what has a lasting affect. I try to cultivate my inner beauty everyday. So this song has inspired me to look around and notice the beauty in everyday people.

Now does this mean I’m going to buy his new album? Hell no! But I’ll listen to the song on youtube and 103.5!

Till next time! Ciao 🙂