If your like me, as soon as you get in the car you make sure your door is locked (because people are crazy), you take the club off your car (again because people are crazy) and you cautiously pull out of your driveway/lot (why? you guessed it…because people are crazy) and then you turn on the radio and sing or laugh along to the morning radio show. Well, these past few days I have decided to change my routine (minus the door locking, club putting, and being cautious because people are still crazy) and really take in everything around me that I would have otherwise missed because I was singing/laughing along on the radio.

What did I discover?

1. If while driving down my main street,  I see that the tall Indian man (no idea who he is) hasn’t crossed at the lights yet then I’m making good on my time to work. If he has, I might be late.

2. People drive crazy

3. People are so damn nosey! Why pull up nice and slow beside the car just to stare in like some sort of stalker??

4. My car drives pretty quiet…

5. There’s a lot of pot holes that the city needs to fix

6. I end up thinking a lot of dumb stuff when left to my own sleepy thoughts (provided they are not interrupted by crazy drivers)

After a few days of these observations I decided to re-introduce music and the morning radio shows into my drive to work routine. The silence was too much for me at times but at least I now have a good measure of time in the Indian man every morning. Provided of course, he’s not sick or on vacation LOL

Talk to you guys later