I think the start of my Monday was pretty uneventful. It was a Civic holiday so I took it as an opportunity to sleep in then when I eventually woke up get some laundry done. Mission accomplished with nothing else to do till around 7 when I was invited out by Mr. Muscle. So we met in Etobicoke for coffee and ladies he is sexy! Just a tall glass of sexy chocolate mouse! Yum! I remember sitting there feeling shy and nervous.
Then it dawned on me that while I was staring into his dark eyes I didn’t ask his age. So I asked then was shocked out of my mind. Mr. Muscle is only 22. He’s a baby. A youngin. I became suspicious when he prefaced his response with, “I believe age is just a number”. Hmm I see. Double sigh on that one. Its a shame. He looks mature but he is still a boy!
Too bad! Well we shall see. Onto the next one =}
Till next time!