So Sunday rolls around and I am DOG TIRED!! I just wanna sleep but I cant because I have church and a appointment. MAN!

After church I went to a friends bbq where some of her American friends had also come to chill. Apparently they have money and were standoffish and snobby. I didnt care. I went out on the patio and enjoyed myself. My friends were going to the Hot97 party and I dont like going to hip hop parties on Caribana weekend because thats the one weekend where my culture is celebrated so thats all I want to hear.

 Angel tells them about a booth that her American friends are getting and asks if we want to roll with them free to the club. It was Drakes after party. I dont care really to see Drake for reasons I cant discuss on a public blog so I declined. I am a huge Drake fan but I didnt care to go to the afterparty. My friends convince me to go and against my better judgment I gave in. We met up downtown and finally got into the party.

First of all we had to wait outside for a good 30 mins because the entourage Angel rolled with went through and we got left behind. I was pissed. Then when we finally got in and sat in the booth the waitress told us there was a misunderstanding and we had to leave the VIP area.  I was like ‘say what?”. We left and my friends dropped me to my car and I went home. To be honest I didnt want to be there, I was concerned about my ankle and I didnt feel my prettiest without my heels. In fact I felt quite short next to the 5’9 girls in their heels. Considering I am a hair under 5’9, and just about 5’11 to 6’0 in my heels I felt a bit understated. I should have listened to my gut and not gone.

Today, Monday August 1st  I wake up and call my friend, Afrochique (I named her that because her afro is super big and just amazing) and she broke it down and filled in some blanks about that night but mostly confirmed what I already thought; it was a weight issue.  Last night when we rolled in, we comprised of 4 girls. Afrochique, Me, HazelEyes and Bossy. Afrochique and I are sim girls, HazelEyes is thick and Bossy is a big girl. Everyone except Bossy wore sexy dresses, but Bossy opted for black tights and a black top with a silver bra. Thats what she felt comfortable in and I thought she looked good.  Now, Bossy is not ugly by ANY stretch of the word. She is a very pretty girl but she is a big girl and the main American guy didnt like it at all. He wanted model types in the booth popping bottles with them not model looking girls with their friend whose a big girl. In his words, he felt it was messing with his swag so he asked the waitress to boot Bossy out. When HazelEyes heard she told the waitress she’s not going to stay if her friend has to go. The waitress made a executive decision and decided to tel us all to leave. I dont blame her. $6000 booth, at the end of the day she has to get paid too. 

I was pissed.  

I spoke to HazelEyes and she confirmed it as well. I have heard of this happening but I never experienced it or seen it happen before. It really sucked that she was discriminated against because of her weight and then we all had to leave the VIP area because of it.

Can you believe it? Has this ever happened to you?  Have you been discriminated against because of your weight or appearance. Or have you experienced secondary discrimination because of your friends appearance?

I feel bad for her but at the same time I’m thinking wow, thats a really mean way to tell someone they are over weight and not up to someone’s standard.

What are your thoughts?

Till next time,

Ciao Bellas!